Demeyere - Jam Jar

Jam fans should not miss this jam jar if you want to experience the highest jam enjoyment. The jam pot is optimally designed for the needs of cooking jam, which gives you a delicious, homemade spread at the end. You can use the Demeyere jam pot for all types of fruit. This 30 cm large pot is equipped with a special handle, which makes later pouring much easier. There is also a pouring rim. The stainless steel lid keeps the heat inside the pot.

In addition, the pot can be used on all common stoves and is optimized for induction hotplates. In order to guarantee even and rapid heating, the Specialties series relies on a three-layer base. This consists of an aluminum core surrounded by rustproof and magnetic stainless steel. The core in particular ensures optimal heat distribution and storage. With this jam pot you can experience how easy and delicious it is to make your own jam.

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