About Demeyere

About Demeyere

The difference to other manufacturers? Demeyere is the only manufacturer worldwide that applies the technical concept of each product to the specific requirements of the typical cooking processes and recipes for which the product is used. The technical requirements of cooking, baking, stir-frying, frying, etc. are very different. The technical design and the used materials are adjusted to each type of product. Nothing is left to chance… Demeyere Cooking utensils, an art and philosophy.

The demeyere range consists of all of the classics as well as very specialised products such as simmering pots, professional frying pans, conic sauce pans, a pancake pan, a specialised egg pan, steam cookers, woks and a large number of specialities … all developed with the view to produce the best cooking results obtainable. Discover the benefit of all of Demeyere technologies, making cooking a true joy…

The philosophy of Demeyere has lead to on-going design and production of its products using state of the art technologies. Since its foundation, the name of Demeyere has been characterised and associated with product innovation and advanced technologies. In the late sixties, we were a pioneer in the use of sandwich bottoms of pure aluminium for our products. Years ago, Demeyere developed the Silvinox surface treatment that is still unique and currently Demeyere is proud of the TriplInduc, the 7-Ply Material® (thickness adjusted to the typical cooking process), the Inductoseal and the ControlInduc. All recent, world class innovations. Not to mention the handles of massive, stainless steel that remain sufficiently cool, even after hours of cooking!

In 2008, Demeyere marked its 100th birthday with the launch of a a cookware series, designed by celebrated British architect John Pawson. The combination of functional complexity and formal simplicity gives this series its unique contemporary character and appeal.

In March 2008, ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS acquired the Belgian brand Demeyere and since then, Demeyere is part of the ZWILLING Group.

Here you find an interesting article with many pictures about the Demeyere production plant and company background:


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