Demeyere - The Perfect pouring edge

Demeyere - The Perfect pouring edge

The perfect pouring edge

The upper rim of the cooking pot (pan) has a specially designed pouring edge (*) that avoids the spilling any kind of liquid while pouring.

In order to obtain a perfect pouring edge, the rim of the pot must be designed and manufactured allowing for a special form and shape. Cheaper or less well designed pouring edges of cooking pots or pans will function perfectly with water or low viscosity fluids but as soon as you try to pour thick sauces or custards, the problems start. The pouring edge of a Demeyere pot is shaped in a way that you can pour any liquid without spilling.

(*) not with the frying pans and conic sauté pans, except for the conic sauté pans of the Atlantis series

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