Demeyere - The best materials

Demeyere - The best materials

The best materials

The Demeyere cookware is carefully crafted in the finest stainless steel, also used in surgery. The best quality stainless steel, 18/10 or SAE 304, is an alloy containing 18% chrome, 10% nickel(*) and 72% iron. Stainless steel does not only show high resistance to corrosion, it is also a very strong material which resists deformation and which is health safe.

Stainless steel, however, is a bad thermal conductor, which makes it an ideal isolating and energy saving material for the bodies of cooking pots and pans used for recipes with a lot of water, but due to which it is not recommended for the base. Due to the lack of optimal heat conducting, a regular stainless steel base shows many temperature differences, which makes good cooking and baking - without burning - difficult to achieve. Therefore, a heat conducting base is attached underneath the stainless steel base. The heat conducting material makes sure that the warmth is spread evenly, before it gets in touch with the stainless steel of the pan itself and thus, with the food.

Demeyere uses cupper for its Inductoseal base and pure aluminium for the Inductobase and the 7-PlyMaterial. Both materials are good thermal conductors (cupper somewhat better than aluminium) and make sure that the cooking utensile heats fast and evenly. The heat conducting layer must be thick enough. The better the heat conduction, the thinner the layer. A cupper base may therefore be thinner than a pure aluminium base. Besides stainless steel, cupper and aluminium Demeyere also uses silver. The special Inductoseal sandwich base contains silver for the attachment of the different layers. (*) All our products are suitable to use in case of nickel allergy.

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