Demeyere - The perfect bottom

Demeyere - The perfect bottom

The perfect bottom

All Demeyere bottoms guarantee an optimal distribution of temperature and low energy consumption. They will always remain flat and are suitable for all types of cookers, including modern induction cookers. All our bottoms come in 7-layer TriplInduc. The TriplInduc material was developed by Demeyere such that our products can be used on any type of cooker therefore you may switch cooker types at any time and still uses these products.

For the straight saucepan, pots (pans), soup kettles (pans) and straight sauté pans, Demeyere uses walls of stainless steel, combined with a heat-conducting 7 layer bottom.

For Demeyere skillets (frying pans), conic sauté pans, simmering pots and woks, a multilayer material is used up to the edge (7-ply material).

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