Terms of Guarantee

Terms of Guarantee for Demeyere products

Please find the terms of guarantee directly on the manufacturer site:

"Demeyere 30 year limited guarantee (10 years for professional use)
Demeyere specialised products are manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality standards. With normal use and minimal maintenance, they will satisfy you for years and years. If in the unlikely event a repair should be necessary, please return this product to the shop where you bought it from or contact our maintenance service:

Demeyere Comm.V.
Atealaan 63
BE-2200 Herentals

phone + 32 14 285 210
fax + 32 14 285 222
e-mail info@demeyere.be

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Canada Ltd.
435 Cochrane Drive
Markham, ON L3R 9R5
Tel.: +1 (905) 475-25 55

We will endeavour to give you precise instructions on how to return, have repaired or to replace the product. The repair service can also answer general questions you might have about the product. The manufacturer gives you a guarantee lasting 30 years (10 years for professional use) from the date of purchase that covers any production error. Products with non stick coating: 5 years guarantee (not for professional use). Please take into account that this guarantee does not cover any damage resulting from an accident, abuse or misuse (overheating included). Also discolouration, deposition of lime or other substances. Scratches to the inside or outside of the stainless steel are not considered production errors. After clear instructions, you can return the product in the appropriate way. When returning the product, please mention the type of problem, the year of purchase, your name and complete address, phone number, fax and e-mail.

The products under guarantee shall be repaired completely and for the manufacturer’s account, transport included. If a repair or replacement is required that is not covered by the guarantee, it will be executed and calculated in accordance with the costs for replacement, parts, working hours, shipment etc. The only obligation of the manufacturer and your entitlement by evoking this guarantee is limited to the possibility of repair or replacement. This is a limited guarantee of 30 years and is comparable with any other guarantee, explicit or implicit, including the value of sales. This guarantee gives you specific, legal rights but these can differ according to your country of residence."

Customers from the US may want to contact Demeyere in the US >here<.

Terms of Guarantee for Staub products

Please find the terms of guarantee directly on the manufacturer site:

"We support our enamelled cast-iron products with a limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing or material defects, provided the enamelled cast-iron product is used in accordance with the maintenance instructions provided with the product. The limited lifetime warranty does not cover normal wear associated with using or handling the product nor the consequences of incorrect use or accidents.

For enquires about warranty please contact the place of purchase or local contact addresses:

171 saw mill river RD
Hawthorne, NY 10532-1529 - USA

Baltorpbakken 12B
2750 Ballerup - Denmark
TLF: +45 3314 1405

435 Cochrane drive
Markham – ON L3R 9R5 - Canada

Produtos de Cozinha e Beleza LTDA.
Rua Oscar Freire, 578 – Jardins
01426-000 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

16 Handley Page Way
Old Parkbury Lane
Colney Street
St Albans, Herts - United Kingdom

For non listed countries please visit www.staub.fr or contact by e-mail infoexport@staub.fr for more details."


Terms of Guarantee for Bob Kramer products

Please find the terms of guarantee directly on the manufacturer site:

"Any Product made by Kramer Knives has a 6 month warranty that covers materials and craftsmanship. Please provide the purchase date when inquiring about a warranty claim. All charges are non-refundable unless expressly stated otherwise, or otherwise provided by law. Our Product warranties only go to the original purchasers and not to any later owners of Products we sell."


Please contact us directly so we can support in case of complaint.