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Demeyere’s multilayer products (frying pans/skillets, conic sauté pans, simmering pans and woks) use 7-Ply, a unique technology consisting of 7 alloys including stainless steel and an aluminium core. The layers are formed over the bottom and the side of the pans. This technology guarantees that the heat is spread evenly over the whole surface of the pan right up to the rim. Hence, complying with the specific requirements and features needed for frying, making sauces, stir-frying in a wok, slow-cooking, simmering etc.

Details of the 7-ply

- stainless steel, inside the pot (1)

- A thin coating of pure aluminium for perfect adhesion (2)

- A layer of aluminium alloy for heat conduction (3)

- A thin coating of pure aluminium for perfect adhesion (4)

- A combination of three special alloys (TriplInduc) with magnetic properties for optimal use in combination with induction cooking (5-6-7)

The total thickness of the 7 layers is designed with the cooking process in mind and the necessity to control or regulate the temperature:

- 2,3 mm for woks: 230°C at the bottom - 140°C at the sides

- 3 to 3,3 mm for conic sauté pans, simmering pans and certain frying pans (skillets)

- 4,8 mm for all professional Proline and Selectline frying pans (skillets)

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