Demeyere - Suitable for all cookers

Demeyere - Suitable for all cookers

Suitable for all cookers

All Demeyere products can be used on conventional cookers, such as electricity and gas, but are also suitable for hi-light, ceramic and induction cookers.

This is why Demeyere developed TriplInduc, a material that assures that these cooking utensils may be used on all types of heat sources and that you can switch from one type to the other at any time. With its excellent magnetic properties, TriplInduc leads to 30% more efficiency when using induction cooking. Finally, the bottom will not deform and remains flat, even after years of use.

The Demeyere cooking materials may be safely used in the oven, even up to a temperature of 350°C. Warning: frying pans/skillets with a coating must never be used at temperatures above 250°C. Never use frying pans (skillets) with non stick coating in the oven under the grill.

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