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Staub - Fish Cocotte round Ø 28 cm, 11129

Size: Ø 28 cm / 11 in
Capacity: 4.65 L / 4.9 qts
Weight: 5.1 kg

Available colors:

Dark blue (40510-326 / 1112991)

• Highly efficient self-basting system through special spikes, lid shape and weight of lid that keeps the moisture inside the pot.
• Black matte enamel interior for non-stick braising and roasting. Other advantages for an enjoyable cooking experience: easy to clean and more durable with improved resistance to scratches and temperature.
• Unique products in attractive colours, manufactured in a traditional casting process with innovative enamelling techniques.
• Perfect for all heat sources including induction.
• Staub is the reference brand of international famous chefs like Paul Bocuse (France), Michael Käfer (Germany), Hiroyuki Hiramatsu (Japan) and Stefan Stiller (China).
• Made in France.

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Product Description



Size: Ø 28 cm / 11 in
Capacity: 4.65 L / 4.9 qts


Before using a Cocotte we recommend to clean it with warm water and detergent; then dry. We also recommend wiping the pot with a little cooking oil before use to enhance the properties of the special black enamel. Do not hesitate to repeat this operation before every use… The Staub Cocotte is now ready for cooking!
How to use the Cocotte:

• Enamelled cast iron cookware must be heated slowly to avoid thermal shock and possible damage.
• The hob should be smaller or equal to the dimension of the base; open flames from gas cookers touching the sides of the pot may cause discolouration or damages.
• We recommend the use of wood or plastic utensils.
• Do not over-heat an empty pot; all cooking should be monitored.
• To avoid any risk of burns, a potholder or oven glove should always be worn.
• Do not place hot cookware on an unprotected surface.

After use maintenance

Once the pot has cooled down after cooking, cleaning in warm water with detergent is recommended; dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. The pot should sit in the open air for a while before storing. Do not use bleach or abrasive chemicals – if residue sticks to the cookware, soak in warm water. Cookware by Staub can be cleaned in the dishwasher; however, we do recommend cleaning by hand to protect the non-stick properties. Products with wooden handles should not be cleaned in a dishwasher at any time. Do not stack or store enamelled objects without protecting the exterior surface. The knobs and handles may loosen with use. Check the tightness from time to time and gently re-tighten them if necessary.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture France
Manufacturer Staub
Manufacturer Price (s.r.p. in €) 339